Ways to Stretch Your Shoes

Have you ever gone out shopping with your friends, or whoever, and while you’re out you find an amazing pair of shoes, the shoes that you know you just couldn’t possibly live without? The thing is, what do you do when they don’t have your size? If you say, “forget it, I don’t need them anyway.” You need to turn around, go back to the store, and buy those bad boys! I’m sure this has happened to about 95% of women Hurtownia Odzie┼╝y .

It always seems as though the perfect shoe for you is always one-half or even one size too small. Or maybe you purchase the perfect pair of shoes, and when you get home, you realize they don’t fit. Well, have I got news for you. There are ways around this problem. There are many techniques in which one can actually “stretch” their shoes. You’ll almost NEVER have to worry about not finding the right size shoe again!

I am going to take the time to help all of the women, who have this problem mentioned above, to “stretch” their shoes. I have found quite an assortment of interesting ways of doing this. There are the at-home remedies, using a shoe stretcher, and taking your shoes to a professional.

I will list the at-home remedies that I have found, and then I will discuss them further each individually. The at-home remedies include wearing your shoes in, you can freeze them, you can use a damp newspaper, you can use oats and grain, you can use rubbing alcohol spray, and you can also use potatoes. In order to “wear your shoes in,” you need to put the shoes on, and walk around in them for a while at home for a couple days. Take the shoes on and off, repeating this process. Within a day or two, your shoes should be well worn-in.

The process of freezing your shoes is very interesting. This process is mostly for shoes made of leather or fake leather. You must have two plastic baggies, free of any holes, and able to seal. Fill both baggies one-third of the way with water, and seal them.

Then, place a baggie inside of each shoe, and make sure that they fit the inside of the shoe completely. Following this, you place the shoes in the freezer, and wait until the ice is frozen, or just overnight. After you remove the shoes from the freezer, you must let the ice thaw before removing the baggies in order to avoid ruining your shoes. The idea of this is that the water turns into ice, which expands your shoe.