Get In Shape for Less!

Spring is on its way! I’m so excited. After a long, dark New England winter, to me, there is nothing better than a warm spring day in Boston – flowers and trees in bloom everywhere, Sox games on the horizon, the sun sticking around a bit even after the work day is over, and FINALLY, the chance to put that heavy winter coat back in the closet.

Along with all the hope that this time of the year brings Logan Airport Limo Service to each of us in this city, there is also a bit of dread associated with the annual end to our “hibernation” – putting our winter coats away means that we have to show the world what we’ve been hiding underneath! If you are anything like me, you’ve been enjoying some yummy comfort food, dinners and desserts to help you through the cold winter. I suspect that around this city, even more than at the New Year, there is a spike in new health club memberships during the early spring.

Spring brings us all sorts of hope – that we can finally succeed in getting in shape, gaining the energy that we could really use to take advantage of this city during the warmer months, and shedding those extra few pounds that we gained while enjoying ourselves a little too much during the winter months!

The easiest, and most common solution to this problem, is to join a health club. However, I’m not sure if you’ve tried to join one lately, but health clubs in Boston are expensive! Many clubs offer monthly membership fees of $60-$80, and I’ve seen some that are well over $100 per month. Sure, they can be nice – even luxurious, depending on the one you choose – but when you have important short- and long-term goals to reach, there are less expensive (and just as effective!) ways to exercise and get in shape for the upcoming warmer months!

I’ve compiled a list here of my ideas. I hope this list inspires you to get creative in your quest to get in shape. I’d love to hear your own solutions, so please feel free to respond to this article and share your ideas! (and please remember, I’m a financial planner – if you have any questions about your own ability to perform any of the suggested activities, please ask your doctor!)

Or, I’m sure that he just never got the 15 or so messages I left at the same phone number of his that I’ve had for 20 years or so, and that it was just a coincidence that the assistants voice seemed the same as always, and promised to pass on the messages to “Billy”.

The reason I was calling was that I was going on vacation to San Diego for a month or so, and would be heading up to LA, and the Hollywood area where he now lives, and would have enjoyed seeing him again for old times sake.

In the early days (early 1980’s), I was in the security business, and one of my customers was “The Cambridge Music Complex”, located in Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Ma. It was a rehearsal studio with about 20 or 30 rooms, and was “rehearsal central” for many of the well known bands at the time.

There were “The Cars”, “Boston”, “Aerosmith”, “J Giels”, just to name a few. They had a sound stage used for larger rehearsals and showcases, and venues for visiting talent. One night, I met Joe Cocker stumbling around the confusing hallways looking for the Mens room. I led him there, but didn’t hang around for long, if you catch my drift.

Clive Davis once appeared to revue a band called “The Streets”. One of my roommates, Greg Tawa was the lead guitarist, along with Johnny A, who’s has gone on to have a respectable career for himself. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get the record contract

I spent many nights and brain cells hanging out down there with the so-called “IN” crowd of the era. I wired the place for security, and became friends with many of the musicians. I also installed home security systems for several members of The Cars, including Eliot Easton, Greg Hawkes,and Ben Orr…Ben was my favorite, and we became good friends. Unfortunately, he passed away from Pancreatic cancer I believe. It’s the same disease that claimed my sister Dianne last May. Bummer…