Newborn Kitten Care – What To Expect

Newborn kitten care is not complicated – all going well, the queen should be doing a fine job. However, it’s best to be prepared and know what to expect.

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Initially, after the birth of the kittens, you will notice very rare activity from them F1 savannah kittens for sale . They sleep and they drink mothers’ milk – that’s it! The newborn kittens will not be frisky and jumping around – they’ll be crawling just as far as their mothers’ teats. You will notice a lot of mommy affection going on, the queen will be cleansing and nursing her kittens with great focus.

Both the mother and the kittens are weak during this period of time. The kittens are fragile with the eyes closed from birth and their ears folded down. It’ll take some time before the kittens’ eyes open – usually about 5-10 days and a few days after that before the kittens eyes open all the way. The eye coloring will be gray to begin with but the more personalized coloring will happen in about 3 months.

Cats are generally cracking mothers, rearing their young with a natural instinct. However, your work could come in if she chooses to reject one of the kittens. This does happen and although it is acknowledged that this should be the runt of the litter, this is not necessarily the case. Whatever the circumstance, you are now responsible for that forsaken kitten. It can also take place – not unusual – that all the kittens are left without sustenance if the cat has a health difficulty or is just merely not interested. This is when you are responsible for the entire litter with your newborn kitten care.

Feeding the kittens by hand can be achieved with a dropper or feeding bottle, which are the most effective methods and acceptable cats milk replication is out in the market at your vet, pet outlet or on the web. The common size of a kitten litter is more or less 5 so you might have your hands full.

Four weeks after birth, the kittens should start to show indications of baby teeth growth. It is at this instance you can start to feed them small portions of specific food for kittens. Make sure that you weigh the kittens on a regular basis to ensure that they are growing healthily.