How to Get to the Top of Google – Some Basic, Quick Tips

Curious about how to rank well with Google but not sure where to start? Well, it’s a full time job even for marketing professionals to remain Google-icious, and there is no definite science that will guarantee you placement over time. It takes a dedicated effort of monitoring the top used keywords, monitoring your competitors’ web sites, keeping your site updated with fresh content and back-end work that will help you index, using the Google tools that help you with Buy Google Reviews optimization…plus more tricks…to keep you at the top of your…well, Google’s…game.

Now, it is important to know that Google is the world’s most popular search engine and receives more inquiries than any other. Anyone who has ever said, “just Google it” understands the magnitude of its brand presence. In fact, recent studies by Nielsen and other resources like comScore report that Google represents almost 70% all searches conducted. So, the importance of remaining at top of mind in Google is obvious, and good marketing agencies can help you aspire to get to the top of Google (or at least be found), with some tried and true basic principles for search engine optimization.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of web rhetoric with search engine optimization terms like algorithms, cache, Wordtracker, organic SEO, PPC, organic SEO, keywords, and metatags…to name a few. But it is important to know these tools (or hire an agency that knows them) in order to impact good Google rankings. So, here is our quick list of tools that you can run by your web team or research on your own to help you become Google-icious. Now, these are in no specific order, as they are all equally important to the process.

Install the Google Toolbar on your Web site – this will help you monitor other sites, your site and have desktop access to a very helpful tool to use in many ways.

Organic is better for you. so, it’s not just a truism for eating, it also applies to search engine optimization. It’s always better to get to the top of Google organically than it is to pay to get there with campaigns like pay per click or Google Ad Words. However, if you want to get there quickly (e.g. with a web launch or a product launch, etc.), then a good mixture of these elements is great. And for the record, we’re not deterring you from these tools, because they are quite helpful to your efforts. But, if you are looking for your site to index over time, pay attention to how to get there organically. To define what this means, if you look at the Google search screen, you’ll see listings across the top and right columns – those are paid listings. Everything that you see in the center of the page in the “list form” represents organic, unpaid listings. THIS is where you aspire to be. A study showed that searchers looking for a product or service were more likely to BUY from an organic listing than from a PAID listing, because the basic principles of buyer behavior apply here. People trust organic listings much more than those that are perceived to be ads. Simple enough, right?